Meet the Space Bois


Ian’s journey into music began with his passion for the clarinet, which he studied throughout middle, high school, undergraduate, all the way to receiving his doctorate degree in clarinet performance from Florida State University. It was during this time in Florida that the As_Is project was born, a collaborative effort with Aaron to continue their friendship and make music together. Fast forward to today, Ian utilizes his relentless work ethic learned in the collegiate music schools to bring a classical ear and sound to the electronic medium, as well as creative sound design and unique big-picture ideas. Ian also is extremely well-versed in music marketing and business, crucial to any successful 21st century musician. Ian plays clarinet on As_Is live shows, bringing a unique sonic flair to a live electronic music show. Ian currently lives outside of Detroit with his wife and their adorable pup Gabby. Aaron is grateful that they get to continue their friendship well into adulthood and make a unique musical mark on the world together. -Aaron


A true lover of all music, Aaron was always well versed in his listening and performance choices from classical standards, avante garde, jazz, metal, rock, rap and electronic music. Upon receiving his music education degree, Aaron moved to North Carolina to begin his teaching career. It was in North Carolina, on a visit from Ian, that the idea of As_Is was born. Aaron gravitates towards strong melodic ideas in his electronic music production and helps construct a strong melodic core to the As_Is sound. Recently, Aaron has added saxophone and piano performance to the As_Is live shows to incorporate some of his previous musical training and make a more memorable and intimate concert experience for listeners. A great friend, disc golfer, and musician, Ian is very thankful to get to work with Aaron everyday to work towards their musical goals and dreams, and continue making memories in life. -Ian